What is tree ring dating

03-Jul-2018 21:11

These issues can certainly impact tree ring growth and cloud the scientific record.Fortunately, scientists are gaining new insight in the reading and use of tree rings, and hope that they can be used to help understand whether global warming has any precedent in the ring record of the past 1,000 years.This layer, or ring as seen in cross section, can be wide, recording a wet season, or narrow, recording a dry growing season.Because the rings are basically recording a good growing season or a bad growing season, they are indirectly recording more than just moisture.The record is limited geographically in another way too.Trees do not grow in all places on Earth, therefore we don’t have a tree ring record of climate change for each region and ecologic niche globally.

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Briefly stated, dendrochronology creates a statistically-based calendar from the meticulous measurement of the variation in width and character of annual tree rings.

(No trees in polar regions, high in the mountains, in the ocean!!!

) In order to know more about climate over an even longer period of time, in some cases thousands of years, it is possible to look at dead trees of an unknown age that are still well preserved.

The essential concept behind dendrochronology is based on the fact that trees of the same species grown at the same time and place will produce practically identical ring patterns.

Hence, when detailed measurements of the variations in the width and character of the annual rings have been accumulated and classified for large numbers of trees from the same species and region, a chronology of ring widths derived from actual dimensions can be established.They also document temperature and cloud cover as they impact tree growth as well.

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